January 4, 2020
by Sean McCaffery

The top players in NCAA soccer have been named, one is a repeat, the first in the women's game since Morgan Brian with her pair in 2013 & '14. We had hoped for Dylan Nealis to win it, yes he is a local out of Massapequa and his team, Georgetown won the title, his opponent who had a goal in the final, Jr. Joe Bell of Clemson were both runners up to Clemson Jr. Robbie Robinson, coached by Mike Noonan a former player for my Louisville Thunder. He is the first Tiger to take the trophy since St. John's transfer Wojtek Krakowiak in 1998 and 3rd overall.

December 20, 2019
by Sean McCaffery

The year is over, titles have been won and lost, now the USC makes known their picks for best staffs. All but one took a national title, the other make it to the semis, no shame there. Each will be honored by the USC at their National Convention in Baltimore. Listed by division, school and head coach.

NCAA I Men - Georgetown U. -  Brian Wiese

NCAA II Men- U. of Charleston - Dan Stratford

NCAAIII Men - Tufts U. - Josh Shapiro

NAIA Men - Central Methodist U. -  Alex Nicols

NCCAA Men - Mid-American U. -  Mitchell Sowerby

December 17, 2019
by Sean McCaffery

The MAC Herman Award, bestowed upon the top Collegiate player is revealed on Jan. 3 for NCAA DI for both the Men's and Women's games. Below are the others, each of whom  will be honored as part of the USC Convention next month in Baltimore.

NCAA D II Men: Alex Brems, Cal. St. Univ, LA

NCAA D III Men: German Giammattei, Amherst College

NAIA Men: Stefan Lukic, OK Wesleyan U.

NCCAA Men: Stephen Nganga, Mid-American Christian U.

Jr. Coll. I Men: Tobias Pellio, Monroe Coll.

Jr. Coll. III Men: Angel Alvarado, Fresno City Coll.

December 17, 2019
by Sean McCaffery

We were able to get out to a few early round games for the Men & Women, watched the final for both and the semis for the Men, here is how the locals, prominent and ones we have ties to did.


1 Georgetown


5 Clemson

9 Indiana University

12 St. John's

14 Providence College

20 University of Louisville

December 12, 2019
by Sean McCaffery

Just a couple of local players have been selected to this high honor, both went to play out of state, one with the #1 team in the tourney, the other with the #2, both play at least one game this weekend, both may play a pair.

Dylan Nealis of Massapequa, it is a year for 2's for the player out of Massapequa, he is a 2 time Big East Defensive Player of the Year, a 2 time 1st team All Region Player for United Soccer Coaches as his team the Georgetown Hoyas are ranked #2 and one of the final 3 in the running for the MAC Herman Trophy.