Whitecaps Team up with Doctos of BC with #StayHome

By Sean McCaffery, March 25, 2020

The team and the local doctors are getting together to further the message of #StayHome. Team athletes, technical staff, and other employees urge all to help halt the scourge of COVID-19. They are in union with federal, provincial and municipal govt's as they emphatically implore all to stay hope to halt the spread of the insidious virus. 

Dr. Jim Bovard, "Caps chief medical officer stated "We are united with out medical professionals and government in conveying this important message to the public. British Columbia is coming to a tipping point, and every indiviual needs to take responsiblilty and do their part, Please remainat home unless it is absolutley necessary to meet an essential need, and in that case please take the utmost caution in using physical distancing.

The team urges fans, backers, media, staff, and the public to please use their platforms and push the spirit of #StayHome. The ful of their staff have been working remotely from home as of Mar. 16., the last day for the players was Mar. 11 and via video are doing group workouts from home.

Mark Pannes, team CEO added "We applaud the efforts of local helath professionals and our government to fight the spread of COVID-19. It is absolutely our responsibility to not only stay at home ourselves, but to as well as promte this message and ensure that others are doing the same."