What's old is new Again, MLS Team out due to Finance

By Sean McCaffery, February 26, 2021

Am I jaded yes, am I a realist, yes, 3 teams by the age of 19, all gone due to lack of $$ including one just 2 years removed from  titles,  another did not return to defend one, the 3rd not even seeing out it's sole season, that it happens now with a half a billion in investment being asked for in a global pandemic is more of a yawner than news.

Ron Burkle today made it known that due to the impact of Covid, he was poised to be the lead investor for the wildly popular USL city of Sacramento stepping up to MLS. 

He had been in this quest for a number of years, MLS still finds it to be quite the viable expansion city, they will deal with the Mayor on future ways to get it there. A number of well backed people are interested in the league, some may not be so tied to a particular city, possibly they pick up the torch here? 

MLS Commish, Don Garber informed, "I want to thank Mayor Steinberg for his continued efforts to bring MLS to Sacramento. His commitment to the city and delivering for its passionate soccer fans should make all citizens of Sacramento proud. Interest in owning a club in Major League Soccer has never been higher . And I remain incredibly optimistic about finalizing expansion plans for our 30th team."