What is on the Menu for FCC this Week

By Sean McCaffery, April 22, 2020

So busy with 2 video conference calls, the stream of the FIFA MLS v eMLS Challenge and another broadcast for FCC Classics. 

This weeks special is the biggest game of their young MLS history as they hosted the Portland Timbers, coached by our friend Giovanni Saverese who is on Instagram this evening with Mike Mega of the Auburndale Soccer Club. This March 17, 2019 game was first on FS1, see it again on WSTR Star64 as they took their first game before a stadium full of fans. Watch this greatness Saturday at 6 p.m. or see the stream on fccincinnati.com within the market of Star64. Another 2nd screen event of FCC will play at the same time and there will be special guests from the broadcast booth on that day to join Kendall Watson and Spencer Richey.

Yesterday was the video confereence call with Midfielder Jimmy McLaughlina & GK Spencer Richey.

Thursday, out of Massapequa is another friend of ours, Larry Sunderland, now their Director of Youth Development, Thurs. April 23 at 2 p.m. He will touch on both what is new with North American youth soccer and how the FCC Academy and first team have a unique relationship in the making  as he brings us up to date on the goals of the Academy as they have already wrapped their first year of operation.

Twitch Rivals SuperGames Fortnite competition and the 86 pro athlete teams will go at it Wed. McLaughlin & Richey came in 14th for the first round and were well in the 50 spots for the semis. Only a dozen will move on to the finals, they just missed this as they were the top MLS team but 16th overalll. No I have no clues what any of those things are.

Thurs. will have the club live stream eMLS as FCC Fiddle takes on a team member at 3 p.m., catch the stream on the FB page of the team and their Twitch.

The remaining schedule for the week:


2p.m. Larry Sunderland. Send in your questions relevant to the topics listed above to us, we may just ask them. Message us on the FB of #SoccerCincinnatiMagazine. Always up for a good conversation, I am just hoping we steer clear of my refereeing his games decades ago.

3 p.m. FIIFA MLS v eMLS, FCC Fiddle takes on a fan, watch on Facebook Live.

4:30 p.m. West End Pride Call with Hagglund & Edwards. They join a video call wiith those of the West End Pride, the SAY soccer team of the club based in the West End area of Cinci. This will allow players to see eachother and interact with the pros. These players may have not seen each other in some time as schools are of course shuttered. Players, families and coaches may all get in on this call.


Noon the Debut of "Story Time with a Soccer Star", fun for everyone with Greg Garza and his Spanish reading of "El Coleccionista de Palabras", view this on Facebook Live, we hope to stream this and it will be on the FB of the team.

Saturday 6 p.m. FCC v Timbers, as described above. Also the 2nd screen on the FC of the team, def. Kendall Watson & GK Spencer Richey add their take and insights to this most historic game.