This Week in the USSF "Bend the Curve, Stay at Home" Campaign

By Sean McCaffery, April 29, 2020


" High Performance Weebinar": Layering Data Sets & Building Visualizations, with NWSL Sport Scientest Julian Haigh gets into the necessity and import of layering data sets from various sources in assisting with the decision making process involving athletes and coaches alike. He has at the ready a live demo to show the ways in which to put software into play while making intergrated data visuals. Starting at 11a.m.

Trivia: Who are the USMNT players with at least 25 caps in the EPL.

USWNT Cassics, from Apr. 2019, US v Belgium 8p.m. ET


US Open Cup Classics, 7:30 p.m. pregame fo the 8 p.m. ET famous match out of this one of the oldest tournies in the world