Weah to Union?

By Sean McCaffery, March 7, 2021

No, not today but prior to jaunting off to PSG, the NYC native did consider a move there as was disclosed on the podcast, Orange Slices. What would cause a New Yorker to consider going to Philthadelphia I ask you?, why their residency program for the Academy. As he explained, "the way they run their Academy and the way they have that residency program is amazing. All these kids ae together 24/7,going to school, playing together, living together. They're building that bond and I think it just makes it better for the player. Sometimes you have to make those sacrifices if you want to get to the next level." 

MLS also picked up the story, adding "Born in New York City, Weah spent time in the New York Red Bulls academy as well." Though true, they left out another place he played, with a far higher profile and much deeper history in the game by many decades, the Club is older than anyone tied to MLS, the Blaus Weiss Gottschee academy where he was for 3 years, triple the time he had at NYRB. Lack of knowledge, intentional omission, not sure, but typical of the vacuum the league lives in. He also had time with West Pines United.