Vancouver Whitecaps team with Bell for "Let's Talk TOgether"

By Sean McCaffery, April 29, 2020

The 'Caps I am sure do not even have this as the cap of the support they are rendering to their community in this time of the Coronavirus. Every Tues. at 3 p.m. PT, they will be making calls, yes the entire Whitecaps FC family, and reaching out to freinds, family or those on need. The hope is to create an even tighter knit group, and to check on their well being, assuring all that they do in fact have a person to communicate with. This innovation was begun by Bell, due to the virus.

For one in need, this time set aside to make contact may make a world of difference. Tag #BellLetsTalk to better get the word out.

Team CEO Mark Pannes informed "This project initally started as an internal activity so that our stafff, who have been working at home, could take more time to conect wiiththeir loved ones. We realized how much good it did for out team and those they reached out to, so we want to spread the movement and continue to be proponents of mental health. This is an unprecented and challenging time for all of us."

They have teamed with Bell for years now, on Jan. 29, Bell Let's Talk Day, the 'Caps made it known that Covenant House Vancouver will be their new partner with their 50/50 fundraising program. All proceeds from the 50/50 are donated there now to help the at-risk young one of Vancouver.

Please see video in support of this progam on the Facebook of Soccer Vancouver Magazine.