USSF Pres. Steps (Tumbles) Down

By Sean McCaffery, March 13, 2020

One news outlet stated he had been president of the USSF for 13 years, no, as his tweet reads he had been a volunteer for a bakers dozen years, yes the Pres, is an unpaid position, he has held that one for a pair of years. As he put it "I did not have the opportunity to fully review the filing in its entirety before it was submiited" is abysmal. If you have not fully reviewed it, it is not to be submitted. To that I repeat his sentence right before it, "It was unacceptable and inexcusable." He used those words to describe the contents of the legal filing, I use them to describe his not reading it in full. No, I was not a fan of his, I was not enamored with the one before him, where he served as VP, a breath of fresh air was sought but not gotten. He never came out against anything Gulati ever proposed, so how could he have been a difference maker following him? He had no expericene in soccer, the sport at any level, like Gulati he may have been a successful person on the business end of the game. To have the US, Mexico & Canada host another World Cup when the last one here is still tops in money making decades later, add in the disaster that Qatar has been thus far is not much of a feather to have in your cap, it was a given, ah yes but it is FIFA, so maybe not so much. Now we have one who he praised for her work of two months?, Cindy Parlow Cone, a very successful player for the USWNT and at all levels of coaching soccer. As Carlos went from VP to Pres. she was unopposed in seeking his seat and just won an election for the full term scant weeks ago, now she is the President of the USSF. I will give her every benefit of the doubt and keep an open mind. My take on his short time is office a big failure, pay to play is bigger, costs are up, quality is down, smaller leagues are being held down, preofessional standards are in flux, the more things changes, they did not, the more they stay the same, they did. There were other candidates I felt would have been better, there was talk of double dealing around the election, who knows, now we will see what the future holds for the next 11 months, then 4 years.

Was it the fault of Carlos how papers were worded, no is it his fault he did not read them, yes, it is kind of important, I have submitted thousands of pages to the courts, reviewed numerous contracts of sale, not passing on a one. Would he have been able to fix the wording, unlikely, but he would have been able to have been on record to show his being against the wording. Were the words wrong or too harsh, it is court not a writing contest, one side must use the best words to convey their positions. They were disrespectful to the WNT, but again the gloves are more than off here in this legal battle.

I do give him credit for resigning on his own, not going through the press channels of the Federation,he owned it, weakly but owned.