USMNT U-20's Get an early Thanksgiving v El Tri & the Concacaf Title

By Sean McCaffery, November 22, 2018

Again Tab Ramos has brought home the hardware by way of yet another shutout against a stronger opponent than the day before with one more goal. A very tight game, similar to the one facing Honduras but facing a better team with worse blood in the Mexican team, the USA did well in holding the lead, bouyed big time by the stellar play of GK, Brady Scott who stood on his head and it was rewarded with the Golden Glove award. This 2nd straight win in the tourney that serves as a qualifier for their World Cup was delivered by Gold Ball winner, Alex Mendez as he had both goals in this hotly contested match. They very start had the victors with the better of the play but just a quater of an hour in, the tide turned the other way, the US righted their ship and a frist time ball from Paxton Pomykal delivered to Mendz for a first time shot resulting in the opening salvo from just outside the box. Pomykal had a foot in it again as in the 26' a ball bounced around the goal box, careening off the 'keeper, bounding off a defender finally cleared off the line and  out of harms way.  Then it got rather chippy with both teams hacking away at eachother, to the advantage of the Mexicans who had many free kick opportunities in their offfensive 3rd and their best chance on goal in the opening stanza. At 41' a lofted ball came goal ward only to be kick saved by the 'keeper of the tourney as it was headed well and down. The 2nd goal came very early in the 2nd half, just 6 minutes gone as Pomykal again linked up with Mendez, Paxton won the ball, took off down the left wing darting into the box  beating many of the opposition and fed Mendez as he put it in the back of the net via a nutmeg. The game opened up a bit with both netminders coming up big and even a US defender made a two legged stop on the line by Brandon Saravina. A pair of yellow cards issued to the US, one off a poor decision and the other as a player continued to dissent within minutes appeared to be a weakness the Mexicans may have wanted to go after but in the end they amounted to next to nothing. A few well placed subs and it was lights out for the Mexico. 

Kwik Kixx:

- HC Tab Ramos is now 20-3-1 overall in these Championships while leading the team to a quartet of consecutive World Cup appearances.

- At 3-8-0 overall v Mexico this team did the unexpected historiclly speaking.

- Undefeated of the last bakers dozen games in the tourney, the US set a recored for this tourney, surpassing a previous US team.

- 3 changes were made to the team that bested the Honduran side by HC Ramos.

- Pomykall & Rennicks saw time in each and every one of the 8 games.

- The brace by Mendez tied  the 1976 record of 8 now shared with Rick Davis.