USMNT drops3 points in a 2-0 loss to Costa Rica

By Sean McCaffery, September 2, 2017

 I won't go so far as to say the USMNT played uninspired soccer last night at Red Bull Arena in their first "NY" game in forever but there was no fire until Duece came on. The instant offense he supplies cannot be expected to make up for 2 goals in under half an hour now can it? Speaking of 2 goals, given that they scored 2 goals in their last meet in July, that  comes to a 4 goal difference in half as many months?  What was different, what changed? This I put to the winners, hear their replies in their native Spanish and my horrible JR and High School Spanish on the FB page of Soccer Long Island Magazine as I am inept on the pc and have no clue as to how to post them here. With balls being played across the penalty area then way back out again and again without a shot how can you even expect to score a single, solitary goal? Yes, the starting GK for Bacelona, perhaps the #3 in the world  did make 2 great saves, one I captured, the other was out of a circus act. However with those 2 it would have been a tie so that is not the answer. After the Gold Cup being all but a walk through for the home side this is a let down, yes many teams the USA included did not always field their top teams, it should have been a great warm up and confidence builder just as this was a reality check. More to come on this as I return to the photos.

Coming to the Facebook Page of Soccer Long Island Magazine are many post game interviews with players on both teams and of course many more of the 700+ images of the match.