US Youth Summit Games open to the Public

By Sean McCaffery, January 4, 2018

Games being played Jan:1, 5, 6, 8 &10 at the Preimer Sports Campus in Lakewood Ranch Florida. The various USNTs there with some outside teams as competion as well the listed games are able to be attended by the public, this is a great thing as it is also the first of its sort of event, a Youth Summit. Below is the schedule of public games.

Jan. 5: U-17 v U-18 @ 2pm & U-19 v U-20 @ 4:30pm

Jan. 6: U-16 v Clearwater Charges @ 11am

Jan. 8: U-16 v U-17 @ 2pm

Jan. 10: U-17 v IMG Academy U-19 @ 10am & U-20 v TBD.