U.S. Soccer has an Official On-Field Performance Monitoring Device

By Sean McCaffery, April 6, 2018

STATSports APEX GPS Units are going to USNT and USSDA Clubs. THe world's largest GPS partnership will cover the U.S. Men's Women's, Youth, Paralympic, Futsal, and Beach National Teams, Development Academy clubs and NWSL. This will lead to the soccer people being able to glean all sorts, millions of pieces, of data at a time on the players perfomance. Distance covered, heart rate, speed, acceleration, deceleration, high speed running and load. These devices were on grand display as the players for the USWNT players coming off the field then having this devices removed from them. Placed as they are between the shoulder blades in a sports bra looking holder, they had international coverage last night on many an occasion. This information will help the player train better longer and more efficently, the hope is to help the over 4,000,000 regisitered players in the nation. Top teams in many nations, over many sports already utilize the devices produced in Nothern Ireland.