From U.S. Soccer, Bruce Arena's statement

By Sean McCaffery, October 13, 2017

     Long Island native, Bruce Arena has officaly stepped down from his second run as the Head Coach of the USMNT, this is the statement of his released by U.S. Soccer.

Bruce stated it is the greatest privileges to coach your own national team and he is honored and grateful for having done so twice. Acknowledging in Nov. it was a far bigger challange and work than most would know, all involved gave it their all yet came up short. "No excuses, we didn't get the job done and I accept responsibility." Realizing this is a great setback for the USMNT, Arena also realizes the tremendous growth and accomplishments in 20 years mentioning, player development, coaching education,and the stable professional domestic league.  This work should keep on in light of the TNT loss as they are on the right path stay together now in in the years and decades to come.         

The fans feel a large disappointment but in his 40+years the growth is gratifying. He believes he speaks for all in thanking these same fans for their passion and committment and keeping up their steadfast support of U.S. Soccer. Admitting this is a difficult time, he remains strong is his thinking that the soccer here is headed in the right direction with a bright future. From the high of the 2002 World Cup semis to the more recent low, he has truley appreciated each minute.

The soccer scene in the USA has not seen the last of him I am quite sure of, and he will be back at a University, club, pro team etc. I do not know but am rather certain he will still be rather active. Bruce after it grows in your more than welcome on my pitch on Long Island.