US & Portugal U-18/19 Tie in Florida

By Sean McCaffery, November 29, 2018

Its was a great match over the full of 90 minutes, both teams gettting their chances but Portugal had the better of the play. A miss struck ball was intercepted by Griffin Yow to give the US the lead but Potugal evened it up on the strength of their 2nd half subs. The US used a high press and that created a poor pass back in the 36th minute as Yow caught up to a poor pass to the defense of Portugal and put it home, then continued to be dangerous  throught the half with pressure on the defense and making apportunities on goal for the US. These 2 are now tied at 2nd behind Brazil who beat Turkey 1-0 in the days opening game. As the US pressed at the start, Portugal countered getting at the 'keeper, Damian Las and his back line even forcing Adam Armour at just 6' into a goal line clearance and they remained dangerous via a number of restarts. USC Player of the Year, Giovanni Reyna  had a few great dribbles but did ignite the attack yet failed to add to the goals. The 81' saw Sousa take the ball down the left side and play it near the goal line to Tomas who slid slotting it home. 4' into stoppage time, the US had one last chance, Las and his long ball bounced beyond the Portugee defense and to Reyna his shot was saved by Soares and the next shot was  not on frame.

Next up for the USA, Nov. 30 with Turkey at 6:30 p.m. on facebook & You Tube.