United Soccer Coaches and their Team Ethics & Sportsmanship Awards

By Sean McCaffery, December 20, 2018

A total of 67 teams were awared this at different level. Platinum is for those not receiving any cards, all season long. Gold, silver & Bronze is determined by a percentage calcualted by the total number of cards issed divided by the number of games played. Yes NY even Long Island had a few in this list. States are not listed, so it is possible the school is the same name but not a local school others as the coach is known it is certain. Some would not see this as good thing, teams not playing with heart effort etc. I see it as a sign of fair play, discipline and self control a great thing.


The Mary Louis Academy, coached by Richard Hogan. 


Port Washington , coached by Eric Liebergen.

The Wheatley School, coached by Steve Cadet.