United Bid is awarded the 2026 World Cup, Sorry Hope Solo

By Sean McCaffery, June 13, 2018

In beating out Morocco for this, possibly the most coveted of all World Cups due to it being the first with the expanded field of 48 teams, it was quite the get for Mexico, Canada and the USA. Hope Solo had been against it due to the issues within US Soccer, that is her choice but was not her choise with the issues in Brazil or Qatar which had and still have larger societal issues. This I mention now and now only as it is a day to celebrate.  She further asked where is the press now that the charges on her had been dropped? I dropped her a line to feel free to contact us here at Soccer Long Island Magazine, no reply as yet.

Between the United Soccer Coaches Convention and the USSF Annual General Meetings this winter, I met many from Morocco, showing me photos of amazing already built stadia, being told how the royals there are very much in favor of the event. It is a very stable nation in Africa, however South Africa did host the event not so long ago while it has not been in North America in 32 years. That World Cup is still now, even not accounting for inflation, the largest money making tourney in history, this one, should well eclipse that. The vote was not even close at 134 to 65, possilby the USA in being able to host it on its own, Mexico having done so twice and Canada hosting the most recent Womens World Cup had all minds at ease, so long as Canada grows some grass for this one. As the world really begins to ramp up for the first game of the 2018 World Cup with Russia taking on Saudi Arabia, now here in these three nations the build up begins. 

Steven Reed, President of Canada Soccer and Co-Chair of the United Bid informed, "Hosting a FIFA World Cup is an extraordinary honor and privilege. Canada, Mexico and the United States are ready to welcome the world to North America and serve as stewards of the largest FIFA World Cup in history." 

Decio de Maria, President of the Mexico Football Federation and Co-Chair of the United Bid added, "We are grateful for the chance to bring life to FIFA's new visiion for the future of football."

Carlos Cordeiro Persident of U.S. Soccer and Co-Chair of the United Bid stated, "Hosting the 2026 FIFA World Cup is a rare and important moment to demonstrate that we are all truly united through sport. We are humbled by the trust our collegues in the FIFA family have put in our bid; strengthened by the unity between our three countries and the CONCACAF region; and excited by the opportunity we have to put football on a new and sustainable path for generations to come."

These three nations will join together to host the global soccer world and now the selection process of 23 cities lies in the hands of FIFA. Until FIFA establish their operation to manage the competition, that heady responsiblity sits with the three to jointly manage such preparations. Each of these 23 cities have fully built stadiums, occupied and operational, set for long term use after the event. There are 150 top level training facilities, milions of hotel rooms and advanced infrastructure. $14 Billion dollars of revenue with a heady $11 Billion in profit for FIFA are expected to be generated, this is to be shared amongst the 211 FIFA member nations to move the game forward on a global scale.

By the numbers:

48: teams

80: games

1,100+: players

23: host cities

150: proposed training grounds

$14 Billion: expected revenue

$11 Billion: expected profit

$5 Billion: expected economic impact

5.8 Million: expected ticket sales