Tunisian International Khmiri joins Vancouver

By Sean McCaffery, February 4, 2019

This is a big addition as Jasser stands 6'4" and this center back will shore up the defense as the team adds yet another young talent, he follows Hwang In-beom while the team continues to ready itself for kickoff, Mar. 2 at home. Interestingly this is the first player from Tunisia in MLS. HC Marc Dos Santos had this to say of the new player, "He's 6'4", he has very good speed, and he's comfortable with the ball . He can become an important player for this team." This is a 3 year deal, the club holds the option for the last of the years. He will of course take up an international spot as both parties await his paperwork. Jasseer has had a trio of call ups to his national team in the past year as he was a top player with the junior national teams in his native Tunisia. A pro since 18 he spent 3 years with Stade Tunisien with 38 games and a trio of goals.