Tri Nation World Cup Bid

By Sean McCaffery, September 14, 2017

Of late some more information has come out on this historic bid due in part to the tourney growing. A good deal of what US Soccer did put out is repetitive, but if they felt it worth repeating who am I not to follow suit but in a much more abbreviated fashion. A total of 41 cities between the 3 North American nations put forth their interest for the World Cup bid. As we had informed earlier, this fall the first short list is to be worked out with the final bid due to FIFA by 3-16-18 with 20-25 cities. These municipalities will all be asked to have in these bids the best ways to further develop the game etc. 12 locales will be selected to serve as official host cities the roles of the others which we also brought to you before will be including but not limited to International Broadcast Center, Team Base Camps and more. 2026 will be the first of World Cups with the expanded pool of  48 teams.

I for one think the USA should have gone it alone on this, even more so as the only competition is Morocco, can anyone say Qatar? The stadiums are well larger than the Soccer Specific Stadiums that are a hot button with MLS as they are building 25,000 or so seat stadiums, a minimum of 40,000 is sought for any games and 80k for the opening and closing games. With this being almost a decade away lets hope MLS moves off this so their teams may share with the NFL whose owners also had and still have some owners in common. To ask upwards of half a Billion yes with a B for a team and its home is a very big nut. Yet this Cup will be played in few MLS sites despite the bid being centered out of the MLS offices.

Canada had 6 cities submit, Mexico 3 stepped up and 32 for the USA, the lions share being NFL stadiums. Locally Gilette (Foxboro), MetLife, Lincoln (Philly), Heinz(Pitt), & Fed Ex (DC). With this tourney where each and ever game is as big as a single Super Bowl in size, stature and economic impact and the US World Cup still the most profitable ever I would say the USA has a very high likelyhood or yet again hosting this event.