Tri Nation bid for World Cup 2026 advances

By Sean McCaffery, October 4, 2017

For the FIFA World Cup in 2026, the first to have the expanded field of entrants has also been met with an historic attempt for a 3 nation bid, US, Canada & Mexico have joined forces to bring this event back to North America. There are now 32 host ciites  and more with the non host cities that will be involved, those not serving as host cities will as previously reported here will be utilized as broadcast centers, team hubs and other vital purposes. The nations will share the responsiblitiy with the USA having 25 cities, Canada 4 and Mexico 3, all have or have in the works stadia to fit the criteria and other world class infrastructure equal to or exceeding the wants of FIFA. These cities are more than capable of fullfilling the shared vision of FIFA and  the United Bid Committee in shaping the future of soccer in North America as per John Kristick head of the bid. The next step is to get the paperwork from the cities and firm up the United bid and vision. The week of Nov. 13 will see reps from all host cities meeting up in Houston for a working session with the United Bid Committee.