Statement from USSF & US Soccer Foundation

By Sean McCaffery, May 15, 2020

I quote this straight from their email:

"We have come to an agreement that we believe is in the best interest for the sport in the United States. As we move forward, the US Soccer Federation and the US Soccer Foundation will work together to provide access and opportunities for all soccer players across the country, particularly those in low-income communities and others in need."

My first thing on this is with the Federation as it should be always in such a position while that is the whole idea of the Foundation. Given that, why is such a statement needed? Perhaps due to the MLS and their partnership with USYS and one of their pushes being to have the MLS cover many costs related to players moving out of their immediate area for games, camps etc? Had one of these groups lost their way in regards to this issue? It does make me wonder what this is really all about?