SPorts Events 365 & Atletico Madrid strike a Fan Positive Deal

By Sean McCaffery, August 20, 2019

Seems like they were just here for the ICC lighting it up agains Real Madrid in Met LIfe, now they have an accord with Sports Events 365 to get closer yet to their throngs of fans.  One of the aspects of this inovation would be that those with upgraded tickets would be part of the welcoming committee for the team at games. Sports Events 365 is a world wide distributor of tickets for athletic and musical events and now are involved in the current season ticketing deal for this 2019-'20 season of Aletico, a top team in not just their Spain but all of Europe and beyond. Joa Feliz the 19 year old who came with a price tag of 113 Euro has added to the heat this deal is generating as he has been heralded as the next Ronaldo, his country mate. The broader reaching transaction affords fans new and exciting avenues both pre and post game, should they arrive 4 hours early, being taken on a guided tour of the stadium, a pk extravaganza a quater hour post game & a photo taken at midfield. This is yet another income stream for the team. Sefi Donner, the founder & CEO of the firm had this to say. "We are looking to offer this model first implemented with Atletico Madrid with other clubs." Following the highly successful 2018 campaign that saw Atletico take the UEFA Super Cup, a 15% uptick in the domestic market is anticipated. Not limited to just their high level La Liga clients, they are also with AS Roma. They seek similar relationships with as many as 60 large teams throught Spain, Italy, England, France and Portugal. Such arrangements enable them to fulfill the wants and desires of visitors to these nations or cities seeking a higher quantitiy of admissions.