Sporting KC teams up with City Foods & Events and Operation BBQ Relief

By Sean McCaffery, April 11, 2020

This new trio having bonded together will supply hot meals to those impacted by the Coronavirus crisis in KC. THose Kansas Citians who need will get help from this lauch, Sporting Community Kitchen with 1,000 meals every weekday city wide. From this Monday, April 13, it will put out 250 four packs of meals to those out of work as a result of this crisis. Sign up on line as of 8 a.m this coming Monday. The meals wil be given out by way of curbside pickup from the home field of SKC Children's Mercy Park at the northeast corner of the park just outside the Budweiser Brew House from 11a.m - 1p.m. CT. These meals are being prepared by Plowboys Barbeque, and will be made of a changing BBQ entree, 2 sides and bread for 4. Upon arrival, remain in the car, it will be brought to you by a SKC staff member, how to store and rehaeat the food as well as allergen details are included.

Already the team with The Victory Project have donated 1,200 non-latex gloves to Children's Mercy Hospital, 200 balls to Ott Elementary in Independence and keeping up their efforts with Sporting Wishes for children and their families impacted by pediatric cancers. as well as a family assistance fund to help with mdical and houshould needs.