Sporting KC to host College Invitational Combine in Nov.

By Sean McCaffery, October 1, 2020

This is going to be big, with just under 40 MLS & USL clubs in attendance from Nov. 13-15 at Swope Soccer Village for this new 2020 College Invitational Combine, a new product of MLS & USL. Attendees will be mostly seniors mixed in with chosen underclassmen involved with many games over this trio of days.

Brian Bliss SKC TD & VP Player Personnel informed "With no MLS combine on the calendar, Sporting Kansas City is excited to host its own showcase for the country's top seniors and underclassmen. With Sporting's central location and world-class facilities, we believe this is a tremendous oppotunity for players and for clubs evaluating talent."

Technical staff and scouts from the clubs are to be there for the 4 teams and the 60-70 minute games from Fri. eve to Sun. morning. Covid practices ae to be in full effect.

There is a $125 registration fee, you must provide your transportation to KC, no mention of food and ground transportation was made by the club, housing is on teh attendees. A final decision is to be made on Nov. 1 relative to Corona, they suggest you get a refundable ticket, that date may change as all is in flux still due to the virus.