SLIM discount code @ Kicking & Screening Film Festival

By Anonymous (not verified), May 19, 2017

In helping to bring home the best soccer for our followers, we at Soccer Long Island Magazine with a huuuge assist from Emmet Austin have done it again. Now in its 8th year, Kicking & Screening will feature 4 soccer films from June 6-9 at Scandinavia House in Manhatten. This festival which premiered Once in a Lifetime and hosted an anniversary showing of Victory starring Pele, Werner Roth, some character named Rocky and many more. One of the sponsors is Venezia, an American owned team in Serie A in Italy. Ther website is, keep checking back with us here and on our facebook page for better details, links to trailers, interviews with those involved and many surprises.  The discount code is KS2017, please let us know that you are attending, see you at the movies.