Sky Blue Owner/NJ Gov Murphy and Sports Attendance, RBNY Statement

By Sean McCaffery, February 22, 2021

Red Bull GM Marc de Grandpre made an "Official Cub Statement" following the Gov. and tenant at RBA relative to the announcement of the Gov.

He is encouraged by the statement. Marc finds it to be the most vital of concerns the well being and protection of fans, players & staff at RBA. With that, as ever they will be in lockstep with the concerned health officials in setting their own procedures as they kick off MLS 2021. Red Members will get the best consideration as they anticipate the return of who he described as the best fans in sport as the take in yet again the beautiful game as what is stated is the best soccer venue on the continent. Though he was not specific as to the attendance numbers that would be allowed, the Gov. did so in what I feel is a rather flawed statement that I get into in the following paragraph.

Murphy, the embattled owner of NWSL team Sky Blue were set to begin last year at RBA, of course that did not happen and no mention was made on them during this government media event. He did explain that effective today, collegiate sports in and outdoor will have the same attendance rules as do HS athletics but within a not told prescribed maximum. As for pro sports, if an indoor venue, it will be 10%  of he maximum, outdoor, 15%.  Using RBA as an example that 15% = 3,750 people. Does that make sense to open the building? At a purely economic level, I would venture a no, but of course there is more to it than that, the fans want to be present to support their team and players, I know the players want their fans present. The Gov. is stating "If you buy tickets together, you can sit together, but otherwise, we have to spread apart." What happens should one buy all the seats, if one buys 375, 37 or even 5? Should they not be isolating together, is that purpose of being separated thrown aside as it was one sale? Will the team(s) not allow group sales beyond a certain quantity. Team nights, and other such things most likely will not exist for the time being.

However it breaks down, it is current news, not fully considered by those involved. Given how the virus has been, do not be surprised that this may change, hopefully for the better. As relates to pro sports it goes into effect on March 1 at 6 a.m. College sports, basketball mostly are (in)famous for Midnight Madness, intra squad games at midnight of the first day they may play. No, the current team would not be able to play due to the CBA, however, alumni players, local colleges who are in season, to mark this announcement might not be a bad idea, however, I am no longer in marketing of soccer at the pro or college levels so what do I know.