Saturday, May 9, Sensory Friendly & INclusion Day with SKFC

By Sean McCaffery, May 8, 2020

The season has been delayed, but they do not want their fans put off. below is their schedule:

11a.m.-1p.m: Reading on  IG as #SarahWoldmoe & #KaleighRiehl go over sensory friendly stories and posting @skybluefc.

3p.m. Draftee Q & A on Zoom: Acct. Exc. #TaylorMachuga along with GM #AlyseLaHue will co-host this with #MandyMcGlynn & #ChantelleSwaby.

4p.m.: It is time for games, Fibbage with #DiDiHaracic &#EstelleJohnson take on #KaleighRiehl & #EvelyneViens.

To regiter in advancee for the Q & A go to and seek out the Topic:Player Q & A: Draftee edition with Mandy McGlynn & Chantelle Swaby.

Sunday Trivia makes its weekly appearance. 4p.m. is the Mothers Day Edition. Advance registration is a must to partake. Again find Trivia Hour with your Host- GM Alyse LaHue & Special Guests!