A Rivalry Renewed with Playoff Implications

By Sean McCaffery, August 31, 2018

Satuday 7 PM at WAKEMED, NCFC will host the Rowdies as the home team tetters on the brink, a mere 3 points shy of the last playoff spot, the 8th position. Following a massive win in a Derby v Charlotte, they are now in the midst of a 7 game undefeated streak at home. In making their pitch a fortress, they have outscored all others 22-17 season long and averaged over 2 goals per game. During this week NCFC has been climbing the standings, a victory places them in a better position with Ottawa and NYRBII in shooting distance with 35 & 37 points respectively. A win over Tampa would give NCFC 37 points.

Tampa also have playoff possibilities, with no wins over their last 6 games and 9 points out of the #8 spot it looks rather dire. Replacing the coach has not had much of an impact with their results and less than a month ago they were dispatched 2-0 by this same NCFC side. These 2 have a history, one that goes back to 2011, meeting a few tiimes each of those years and NCFC has had the upper hand, 10-6-9. 

You may follow the game on TV with WRAL2, digitally with ESPN+ and by Radio on 620 am, live updates will be found @NORTHCAROLINAFC, #NCvTBR.