Riley gets back a pair of World Class Players in Erceg & Debhina

By Sean McCaffery, June 28, 2019

With their respective New Zeland & Brazil booted from the World Cup, these two stars are now back with their club teams. Following a bye week, their returns could not have been better timed as the 3-2-4 Courage match up against the league leading Spirit under first year coach Richie Burke at 5-1-3 in their home park. A strong showing as they dropped Orlando 3-0 on June 1, the Courage then had a 1-1 draw with the Thorns 2 weeks later. The lone goal getter facing the Thorns was Julia Spetsmark as she went over the 'keeper, good for a nomination for NWSL goal of the week, assisted by Merritt Mathias who now has a duo on the season. Washington for their part have tied their last two games, the last a goaless draw with Houston and are led by Courage draft pick, Ashley Hatch with a trio of goals this NWSL season. Prior to her time in France, Abby had not missed a minute of time, with one goal over the 7 games, while Debinha had many chances on goal over her games in France  has a goal and assist with her club team, with some good natured needling from the husband of Allie Long, Bati via social media.

                Merritt Mathis with young players on Long Island this past winter.