Red Bull ahead of the Union game

By Sean McCaffery, September 6, 2020

This is a bigger game for the team, most times when the coach is gone there is a bump in play, even though a new HC is not yet in place. Last I saw these 2 meet up it was a playoff game in Philly, NYRB had the lead and very simply gave it back, this was not the first time they had done so to this very team at the same location while I was in attendance, maybe it is me?

How bad has it gotten, well thay have not been known to take many shots, at this level, once in the area you should be looking to shoot or make a kill pass not 3. They now have a grand total of 270 minutes with 1 goal, that is not a .3 Goals Against, great for your defense but that many goals from your team, dismal might be understatement. Facing DC United, they had  a grand total of 11 shots, 4 on goal will get you that ungrand total. They did get a good number of shots in the game but hadly enough on goal, barely 1/3. The surging and improved Union have 15 points and looking to steal 3 away.

I have mentioned the late goals may be a mental issue, here is how the team headed a paragraph on this, "Stay Alert", are they following this site? It is rare that we agree with the team's and their statements on themselves, most times they are self serving and too positive, almost to the point of delusional, here they are spot on. the goal was given up in the 98', again we have stated, train to play no not 90' but 100', so when this time comes you are ready for it and have much more in your tank as 90' approach. They did the same against that team that has Jersey guy, Giuseppe Rossi, RSL, relenting in the 91' to have a tie stolen from the hand of victory. It is an old axiom in soccer that you are very vulneralbe after scoring a goal, still celebrating in your head, the other team angered, looking to get that one back ASAP, yes, 6' after getting a goal facing the Revs, they allowed on. Their season opener had them give one up at 46' however they did win 3-2. In Orlando the Crew playing far better than in the past hit them for one at 47', capping their 2-0 win, the same scoreline came facing FC Cincinnati, the intial goal coming as the first half came to a close. Again a quote from the team, "There's an aspect of staying alert that the Red Bulls need to improve. Conceding in stoppage time or right after halftime are moments New York need to start preventing." Could not have said it better ourselves. Luckily the 4-2-3 Union have not been road warriors, no wins with 2 losses and a pair of ties, bear in mind this is a short road just over 105 miles from the friendly confines of Subaru Park.

All is hardly all doom and gloom for the Red Bulls, with this being the 28tth meeting of the two local rivals, the 13th at RBA in the regular season, the home team have not lost to the Union over 5 games at their fortress, further the visitors have yet to find the back of the net in the last 3 matches there. Less than 2 weeks ago, they went at it in Chester, MLS Player of the Week Kacper Brzybylko had the deciding score in the 31', Meara did well between the pipes with 3 saves over 4 shots, his team had 8 tries on net, 3 on target.

Wed. Royer had his 100th game for the Red Bulls, with 36 goals and 14 assists, great numbers over his 7,156 minutes. Over the last three years he has scored over 10 goals each year, sitting on one goal and assist over his first 8 games of 2020.