RBNY 0-0 Union

By Anonymous (not verified), July 6, 2024

Post-match  transcriptions from New York Red Bulls Head Coach Sandro Schwarz,  and defender Noah Eile, following New York Red Bulls 0-0 draw against Philadelphia Union


New York Red Bulls Head Coach Sandro Schwarz

On results…


In the end, I would say, it's a fair result. But after the game I had the feeling that we had clear chances at the beginning, at the end, and in the middle of the game, to win to get these three points. But what was for me very good - to try till the end to get these three points on the road. This was very good for the mentality of the structure. This is what we need and we had chances to win clear, chances to win,  and I think Philly especially at the beginning of the second out there also had some moments where they were dangerous in our box, but it's okay performance was for me was in a good way in a good direction especially after the first half against DC United last week and the result is okay, we are not now 100% happy about the result.



On creating chances….


This is a part also of the game and it's not the best feeling because we had a lot of moments. But the first step is to create these moments, to create these chances, to have a clear structure, to have these deep runs, and also to have these box positions. This was a good step especially for our strikers to make these deep runs and then to play in the box from the side when we attack on the side. And this was the behavior I was very satisfied. For sure. We had the chance to score but this is a part sometimes of our life, of our soccer life.


On traveling supporters…


Yeah, that's great. It's good to see on the road, to see our supporters, and to create the atmosphere and this is a good feeling for me here on the touchline during the game for the players. That gives the whole club especially them, the team, during the game very good energy and it's good. Now we get to play in Colorado so it's a little bit difficult, I think to travel. So, it's too far from New Jersey but it's good to feel the support and they're also satisfied with our behavior with our mentality, and this is a good direction for the whole club.



New York Red Bulls Defender Noah Eile


On overall team performance…


I think we had an okay performance. I think we gave up chances. As I mentioned before, Carlos had to make a great couple of saves. Of course, that's great that he was able to do that. We gave up on a few chances that we may not have done enough with, but the most important thing is to keep a clean sheet.


On halftime message and style of play….


Yeah, well, first question, at halftime we tweaked a little bit, however, to pressure them from the first half and then he just said that we should keep going and we created a chance to keep the energy high. We know that they played midweek. So, if we kept our energy high, we would get chances then in the game, which we did. So, I think we just had to keep going from the first half and it was a good performance overall. On the second question, I think it's something I'm used to like in my old club and that was kind of the role that I had there, to put the pressure on when we played throughout the back as we did a bit later in the game today. When you have three center backs, you can push on the little bit. So, I think I tried to do my best but unfortunately, I couldn't score today and that was disappointing.