A quartet from the Academy are Expected to Impact Montreal

By Sean McCaffery, December 5, 2020

No idea of how strong or how good of a trumor it is the that the Monteal Impact will be changing their name, I for one think it is a bad idea, it has been an identity for local soccer for decades and would hurt them.

 The four brought up to the first team are Jean-Aniel Assi, Sean Rea, Nathan-Dylan Saliba & Rida Zouhi, they are first time pros all and with deals including a 3 year option. As they are valid now, the 4 are good to go for the CCL game Dec, 15 with Olimpia at 8 p.m. ET in Orlando.

"Even though the season was quite disrupted, we continued to follow the development of our young players. We are very happy to be able to give these 4 talents from out Academy the opportunity to join the first team." Informed Sporting Dir. Oliver Renard.

Assi is just 16, from Royal Beauport joined the club in 2017. While with the U-23's he was in the 2020 first team training camp. Selected to the Concacaf U-15 All-Star XI in 2019.

Salbia also 16 arrived from CS Longeueil and like Assi got to the Impact in 2017, also on the U-23's. 2016 saw him in France in the Danone Nations Cup for Canada. A past member of the u-15 NT for the Concacaf tourney in 2019.

Rea, the old man of the group at 18 is from Laval and has far more time in the Academy, since 2014 he came over from St-Leonard and was with the U-23's. He was in Brazil for the most recent U-17 World Cup last year.

Xouhi, at 17 has been with the team since 2016, He was with the U-17's for last year, leaping to the U-23's for 2020. He had been with Braves D'Ahunstic.

Academy Dir. Patrick Leduc stated "These young players have come a long way in the past year and have potential to join the pros.