Opening Night Flick, Football for Better of Worse

By Sean McCaffery, May 21, 2018

This title should have been read to my wife before we married. There is a problem in soccer, the disparity in pay between what men and women make. This looks at a team in Sweden, FC Rosengard very successful on the field not so much off it. The efforts of their top player who then goes "upstairs" to more of a corporate position, what a revelation that was. They do go over the difference in pay on a percentage it is a massive difference. What causes this, less money coming in and more things. This may lead to more teams not being formed and some going out of business, having said this, Manchester United now has a women's team. Players train, spend similar time and effort/energy as do the men for a fraction of the pay. One of the top players over the last decade, Marta is featured here, before her current team of Orlando of the NWSL. The facilities are not bad at all, the training and play is top notch but the fans are lacking in a big way. Absent a decent crowd it is difficult to get the vital television money and in house ads at the stadium as there are fewer people present. So do get out to see this movie and those women who are married to the game.