Opening Kick for NYRB Home Opener Pushed Back

By Sean McCaffery, March 19, 2021

At times when such thing occur, it is often to accommodate television, this time no reason given. The new kick off to 2021 is now 8 p.m. ET, the first time in over a year that fans may be in attendance, now, set to be less than 4,000, we hope Covid drops far more in the next moth or so also to afford more the opportunity to attend. The 8 p.m. start assures that the whole of the game will be played "Under the Lights", always a thrill to do so as a kid.

The team and arena both are solidifying the protocols to once again allow fans in attendance, with paramount importance placed on the health and well being of all. These particular steps and details on alterations to procedure at RBA will follow suit with MLS, State and Federal rules along with the locals, and are to be released in advance of the game, by April 17, here's hoping for an earlier date as proof of test/vaxx may bee sought?

As written here in the past, NYB Red Members will be getting the first consideration in seats for all regular games, I do wonder why not the same on playoffs?, and reached out to one by one as the full season schedule is put out by the league.