Open Training Week Returns with United Soccer Coaches

By Sean McCaffery, February 12, 2019

This is a great thing which the St. John's Women's Soccer Team have hosted in it's first 2 years, so of course we went there, where will we attend this year? The week of April 1-7 will be the dates for this nationwide program supported by both Pro and College teams as they welcome local coaches in their markets to a training session in order to unite coaches around the love of the game. Coaches from any/all levels are most welcome to attend and observe this higher level of training session, trade ideas and learn from eachother. This I did not know, register to attend and get a free 6 month introductory membership with USC, registration opens March 11. This really is a unique time for coaches to observe first hand how the upper level carries out a session, access to the players, coaches further explaining the how and why of what they are doing, it is very informative.