NYRB have an New Partner

By Sean McCaffery, April 6, 2018

Covanta has joined the New York Red Bulls, with the world leader in sustainable waste and energy solutions for comunitiies and businesses well represented in the arena. Based in Morristown NJ, they are now the Official Energy Partner of NYRB. The Energy-from-Waste facility in Newak provides renawable energy to RBA. They use post-recycled waste form municipalities and businesses to make clean energy. This is a sustainable choice over a landfill destination and reduces green house gases. This facility is the only big source with a net negative greenhouse gas footprint. Covanta senior VP of Energy stated, " We are proud to be named the Official Energy Partner of the New York Red Bulls." The Red Bulls are going from mostly fossil fuel power to using renewable energy, the team will prevent the production of 5,000 tons of carbon dioxide, 6x the amount Central Park would be able to clean. , keeping 9,500 tons of trash out of the landfills, equal to 1,800 fewer cars on the road. There will be LED displays and videos, branding to go with the branded waste and recycling containers in the arena.