NYCFC at Watch Party in Rock. Ctr., Col & Eng

By Sean McCaffery, July 6, 2018

Together with Telemundo Deportes, NYCFC is dong Watch Parties for the balance of the World Cup , Tues they had a few players out to one. We have on the Facebook page of Soccer Long Island Magazine posted video and still shots of the event here are some quotes, all supplied by NYCFC.

Rodney Wallace foward and WC player:

  On W.C. experience: "It was awesome. For me to be there and represent my country was an unbelievable experience."

  On souvenirs he brought back from Russia: "I brought back the little Russian dolls."

  On having his family in Russia. "That was cool to have them there, it was another highlight of my trip just being able to share those special moments with them."

  On embracing the moment in Russia. "You have to slow it down and remember where you are and literally what brought to where you are."

  On what he can bring back to NYCFC from his WC experieincce. "It's a whole different level. At the end of the day it's a whole different competition and you take bits and pieces from the WC and try to apply them here"

  On WC favorites: " That's a hard question. I want Belgium to do well, but there's a bunch of teams that could get it done.

  On playing Brazil at the WC: " Those are guys you watch on TV. Those are guys that are huge players. You're on the field with the best of the best."

NYCFC & USMNT GK, Sean Johnson:

  On difference in road and home form: " We've got a few things on our end to correct. It's difficult to go into places now with the level being raised. You have to respect the opponents. You have to give credit where credit is due. It's about consistency in this league and three home games now so we're looking forward to that."

  On mindset at training going into Red Bulls. "We take it one game at a time. we understand the importance of the Red Bulls match They've just gone to Toronto and got a really important result."

  On difference in HC Domenec Torrent and former HC Patrick VIera: " Every manager is different. We've embraced the change. He's a great guy, personable character and knows what he wants."

 Midfielder Alex Ring:

  On added significance wearing captains armband: " Given the position I play I think that's the case anyway. I don't think the armband gives you any more significnace."

  On HC Domenec Torrent philosophy: " It'll take time to get his philosophy to the team. "

  On Red Bulls match this weekend:' (Dome) Will prepare us well. I think everyone has that in the back of their minds and we want to make it right on Sunday."

  On if concedeing multiple goals in a match..: "You lose as a team. It starts up front and ends with the goalkeeper. Everyone has their role in it. "

  On what went wrong with Germany in the WC:" It's had to say."

Midfielder Jesus Medina

  On Red Bulls match this weekend: " A very important game is coming up for us, first of all because it's the derby, and for us to be playing at home we want to get the win."

  On the difference in training this week: " The derby is very special but are also coming off a tough loss.

  On the different in approach to derby with new coach: " It's too early to tell if there is a real difference since it's only Dome's third game. 

  On the WC:" It's a World Cup that there wil be a champion that no one expected by the way things are going. In the case of the Latin America teams. we've struggled a little bit. Us Latin American's stick together and we root for each other."