NYCFC to Play in Home Venue #4 and State #3

By Sean McCaffery, February 7, 2020

Due to the dearth of stadia that fit the criteria for Concacaf, the CCL game at 6 p.m. on Feb. 26 with the MLS Eastern Conf. Champs NYCFC v AD San Carlos is to be played at RBA.

RBA VP of Ops. Shaun Oliver informed "As the premier soccer venue in the region, we are proud to be selected by Concacaf as a host venue. Our staff is familiar with hosting a variety of third-party events, including Concacaf Champions League. We look forward to providing all of our guests, fans, staff and players an excellent soccer experience."

The SOUTH WARD, the space of the Empire Supporters Club & Viking Army will be closed for the game. It was not stated if this was due to being the home of the rival NYRB supporter groups, or the new safe standing area, that is set to be used as seating as well for various other events. 

Knowing the hardship of going to a game out of NYC, NYCFC is comping all City Members to the game.

NYCFC won their way to this international competition for their first time yet in taking the division title last season. 

Winterization of their most recent baseball field home fields ruled Yankee Stadium & Citifield out and MLS & Concacaf ruled out others in the City of New York, over the river we go. 

NYCFC CEO Brad Sims informed "The Champions League is a very important competition for us. Our involvement in this prestigious tournament is a testament to the fantastic season we had in 2019. We do feel it is important for the game to be played at a venue in the greater metropolitan area. Our focus now is to win and advance to the next round of the competition. We will make admission free to all 2020 City Members. As always, I'd like to sincerely thank our loyal fans as they continue to support out team with great passion across multiple venues.

Should NYCFC move on to the Round of 16, both NYC locales are avail, if they meet with the Concacaf approval.

There is a contingent of NYCFC fans not pleased by this, boycotts are being discussed, yet they have a song titled something like "Everywhere we go", however, they are not wanting to go a 2 stop train ride out of Penn Station. Large viewing parties are being planned at the locations near to Yankee Stadium. This will only get more interesting as the date approaches. I say you go where your team is, support the players, figure out how to protest in part the owners and in part the fact that they have been often stymied by NYC in getting a stadium. Not being present for your players is not acceptable in my view.