NYCFC Is In the 2nd Season

By Sean McCaffery, September 2, 2019

The win facing the Vancouvver Whitecaps propelled them into the playoffs yet again, for a 4th straight year and the earliest time to date, with a total of 7 games, 4 at home remaining, they are able to better their position. HC Torrent is on record that he will continue to play his best 11 each and every game from here out, possibly to help improve their chances at more games in the now single elimination playoff games at home.

Heber suffered a quad injury, Dome had this to say on that, "He has discomfort in the quadriceps. We have to check it out in New York". On the goal coach stated, "I am happy because they respond when we had some problems. I remember we had many problems and that means we play much better and this team is getting better."  Dome informed on the game on a whole, "It was very important for us. When I say we have to focus in the next game, that is true. For me the most important thing is the next game, that's New England. I'm happy but we have to improve." 

Gary Mackay-Steven had his first goal for the team on his birthday. "I think it's the first time, so it's nice to get off the mark." On his being put in early, " Heber scored a great goal and he's been on fire lately. "