NY Red Bulls hosting DC United

By Sean McCaffery, September 28, 2017


Last night, a hot late Sept. evening, the NY Red Bulls played a good first half and an equally poor second. A late foul that resulted in a yellow card well into their defenisve third far into extra time led to a goal with seconds left to play for a double whammy. Prior to that, NY was dominant, far more offensive possession, Connor Lade whipping balls in from the left side Sascha hanlding the center with little resistance and more than a few good chances on goal. As DC played long balls again and again down the right flank they were turned away with ease. NY finally took what should have been the final goal of the night from DC United on a brilliantly set up penalty by Veron he carried the ball, entered the penalty area then slowed down to draw the contact and the pk, it should have been the decisive strike of the game but would not prove to be. DC again found the back of the net late for the equalizer and a 3-3 final score. NY has been on a bit of a skid of late, not the way to enter the season as one would prefer, peaking. Stealing a tie from the jaws of victory is never a good thing, worse this late in the campaign. Up next for them is the Impact, said to be the destination for The Miami FC Head Coach Nesta, in Montreal. Keep on eye on the facebook page of Soccer Long Island Magazine for the full compliment of photos from the match.