NY Cosmos B Team are in the Lamar Hunt US Open Cup

By Sean McCaffery, March 30, 2018

Finally a correct decision has been made in this mess with the USSF, both the NY Cosmos, Miami FC and Jacksonville Armada will be involved with a play-in round May 5 or 6.

Each of the three affiliate teams (now only) of these three had their appeal to both US Soccer and the Open Cup Committee upheld, they will be regisited as NPSL teams, actual times and dates of the games are to be released next week. NY Cosmos Chairman Rocco Commisso stated, "This is a victory for our fans. I said that I would continue to fight forr the Cosmos and for independent soccer. Tis is a win off the field and now we have a chance to win on it." 

The trio anticipate going up against other NPSL or PDL teams during the play-in games. The final is set for Sept. 26,2018.

The rules for the Cup state if you switch leagues you are not eligible, the NASL will not play this year. Other teams, new ones, that did not play or exist last season were allowed in, it is encouraging to get such a result. I fully expect all to make some noise in this national tourney.