NCAA Final Rankings from USC

By Sean McCaffery, December 17, 2019

We were able to get out to a few early round games for the Men & Women, watched the final for both and the semis for the Men, here is how the locals, prominent and ones we have ties to did.


1 Georgetown


5 Clemson

9 Indiana University

12 St. John's

14 Providence College

20 University of Louisville

Interesting here is that, I felt as according to the broadcasters of the final stated as did the coaches in attendance, that the 2 best came out of the FInal Four, yet, after the final, the two who did not advance to the title game received votes for 1st place? this cost a well deserving Gerogetown, even though they beat my St. John's a clean sweep of the votes? The #'s 1 & 2 traded places from the previous Poll, Wake Forest, jumped 8 places as fellow Final 4 team Stanford gained 6. UCSB gained 14 places, a major jump as SJU lost yet went up by 2, VA Tech rose 10 as Providence who had a great run gained 7.


1 University of Charleston

17 Adelphi

For me the big drop of Adelphi with just 3 losses fell from 6 to 17 but in seeing their last opponent Post, went from unranked to still being lower than them with a final rating of 19 makes it a bit better. Charleston gained 9 spots in taking the title, University of Indianapolis went from unranked to 4, WIngate Univesity gained 9 spots, Franklin Pierce 11, Azusa had ben the top dog, dropped to 11. Florida Tech impressed jumping by 11, as Lake Erie lost 12 slots, Wilmington fell off by a dozen and Young & Harris fell by 14.


1 Grand Valley State University

18 Molloy College

No # Mercy College did get votes

Big movers here were College of St. Rose up 7, MS State-Mankato gaining 8, Nova Southeastern went from unrated to 7, as did Point Loma Nazerene University finishing at 11, similarly West Chester Universtiy went to 13. Big drops were suffered by University of Colarado-Colorado Springs from the top spot to 12, Missippi State lost 10 spots, Lenoir-Rhyne University dropped 14. Local Molloy was unranked to 18 following a deep run in the playoffs.