National College Staffs of the Year as voted by USC

By Sean McCaffery, December 20, 2019

The year is over, titles have been won and lost, now the USC makes known their picks for best staffs. All but one took a national title, the other make it to the semis, no shame there. Each will be honored by the USC at their National Convention in Baltimore. Listed by division, school and head coach.

NCAA I Men - Georgetown U. -  Brian Wiese

NCAA II Men- U. of Charleston - Dan Stratford

NCAAIII Men - Tufts U. - Josh Shapiro

NAIA Men - Central Methodist U. -  Alex Nicols

NCCAA Men - Mid-American U. -  Mitchell Sowerby

JR. Coll. I Men - Monroe Coll. - Marcus Dibernardo

JR Coll III Men - Fresno City Coll. -  Eric Solberg

NCAA I Women - Washington St. U. - Todd Shulenberger

NCAA II Women - Grand Valley St. U. - Jeff Hosler

NCAA III Women - Messiah Coll. - Scott Frey

NCCAA Women - Cedarville U. - Jonathan Meade

JR COLL I Women - Tyler Jr. Coll. - Corey Rose

JR. COLL III Women - Santiago Canyon Coll. - Ian Woodhead