Mystery of the Press Conferences Solved

By Sean McCaffery, July 31, 2020

Some of the teams, NYCFC, SKC continued to let those on their press contact list know of these things on a fairly regular basis despite them now being league events. We must be new to the scene as until yesterday, despite covering the league for over a decade now and placing no less than a trio of calls without return relative to getting on the press list, until the most recent NYCFC press conference we were not on the league media list? This we were able to do by inquiring as to why? If I did not invite you to my web event, I would try to figure out how you got there if not your off, if so, yet I do not know who you are, I would then check my list, then invite you to join it. We are now a nationwide platform, with outlets in every MLS, NISA, NWSL and many other cities, one of the photographers we have been able to link up with has been hired by 2 of the pro teams in her town.

This is soccer in the USA any coverage you may get, get after it. They are so tight wih SUM and USSF, I would have both parties contact any that are not common to lists and see if they would like to be added to the other, yes even foreign press, I know many nations are represented on MLS rosters, from nationality, place of birth, past teams etc.