Moments by the Minute From USWNT & Canada First Half

By Sean McCaffery, February 20, 2021

This is not intended to touch on every thing that was of note during the game, I was not 100% attentive, I am sure omitted things that I did observe and my handwriting got worse in the 2nd half but here it is:

Early in the game there was a free kick from just beyond the area, it was struck on into the wall, not a bad tactic from a distance but from so close any error and it is a goal, none will jump and if it deflects anywhere but forward it is easily handled or out of play, this is what happened hit the wall staying far from the goal.

Williams early  played in a cross that was totally shanked following  good run by her on the ball.

Macarino in the very early goings was making her presence felt all over the offensive third, side to side as well as in the center of the field.

20' A great ball played in to Lloyd , touched over to Macarino to Williams with a nice pass but nothing was made of it.

25' Williams floats one verry high as she struck the ball as it was rising. Far easier to keep the ball down when you strike it on the way down.

27' Dunn a bit stuck at the endline, plays it into the defender for a corner, 

27' the corner was played short, then onto the goal earning another corner

45' Dunn in close has her shot blocked

46' Dunn sends a low ball in butt it is cleared away.