MLS & USYS Link up for Player ID

By Sean McCaffery, May 15, 2020

The largest youth soccer group in the nation has gotten together with MLS for a newer and better pathway to pro soccer. They have combined on  professional development, coaching education & talent identification tools for the USYS members. 

This announcemnt came out of NYC today that the top tier of American soccer would unite with the largest youth sport group here to deal with soccer athletes and their groups here.

This joint effort is set to shore up improvments in player ID and watching them, coaching and scouting education, competition and supporters involvement in the USSYS ranks, over 3,000,000 strong in 55 State Assocs. This new pathway will no longer have financials as an obstacle. 

Gordon Bengtson Sr. Dir. Player Dev. stated "We are very proud that USYS and its 55 member States Associations have decided to make MLS their league of choice."

Also brought out today are the new regional games allowing for the young players who are at that level to partake in such games before pro team scouts. This coming together is hoped to grow from the MLS elite youth development platform. In leaving a lot to the local and state heads, the player who does well at the high school, club or league levels are to then be put up for the regionals. With MLS getting together with the top people in these 55 Assocs. & the USYS National Offiice to set the best practices in player ID in each region. One factor of this will be the stedfastness with which they seek to remove the things blocking the way for some players. The monetary issue is due to be gone as MLS is picking up the tabs for such expenses. This should help a bit with the pay to play issues plauging the game here. 

Skip GIlbet, USYS CEO added "This is not a short-term vision, but rather one in which we realize the opportunity to truly conect the whole system of soccer in our country."

Frep Lipka Tech. Dir. Player Dev. informed "Our goal is to ensure that every player throughout the country has the ability to access elite travel soccer programs that offer greater opportunities for talent identification."

Further, this union will have MLS & USYS determined in establishing educational and developmental chances for parents, coaches and volunters of USYS.

Our friend Alecko Eskandarian, a great player in MLS and now Dir. Player Relations & Competition of MLS said "It is vital that we continue to eliminate barriers for promising players., Every  player deserves the opportunity to showcase his or her hard work and individual talent in front of top scouts, regardless of club affiliaton of location."