MLS Player Breaks Physical Distance Protcol

By Sean McCaffery, May 11, 2020

This, announced on the 6th, just one day after the league opened up again for training is cause for concern. Yordy Reyna is now in a 14 day quarantine due to his actions. Team officials placed him under this restriction as they consulted with their medical staff, following his breaking club and league standards to go by relative to physical distance. MLS is now well aware of the occurance and the team will stay in touch with them as they go over this happening.

We posted the rules that were released, found them to be rather incomplete, an instance, no mention is made of bathroom use, but players are not to enter team facilities. Perhaps many porta johns with the players number and only they have the key?, just an example.

'Caps Sporting Director, Axel Schuster informed "Our public health authorities are doing an incredible job leading us through this pandemic and we fully support them in their work. As a club member of our community, we take the responsiblity to demonstrate leadership in this area very seriously. Throughout this crisis, the club has been extremely clear in all our communication on the importance of physical distancing and proper hygiene."

I find it interesting that if the social distancing involved another person, who may have had their back to him etc. and been unaware of the proximity they are not named?

Reyna added "I am deply sorry for my actions and apologize to the commninty, my teammates and coaches."

The team is in frequent talks with the public health officer, local health authorities and infectious disease experts in setting up these non mandatory training plans at team facilities. Whitecaps FC will redouble their plans for such events in the coming days.

Having read the rules, they are not to share equipment, balls, cones etc. Over the weekend, video was posted of players kicking around the same ball by another team. As it was not dated or said to be from any set time, there is a chance it was old, however if so, why put it out now, particularly given the state of affairs today? They best get this straight fast, before any staff, player, coaches get sick and well before bringing in fans to a game.