MLS Disciplinary Decisions

By Sean McCaffery, December 5, 2020

One might think that now in the throws of the playoffs that the players would be on their best behavior, well not exactly, more so for those not moving on, see Orlando. 

As a team OCSC yet again and in this case violated the Mass Confrontation Policy 2x in their game with the Revs, yes, they lost. These transgressions occurred at the 60' & 71's. The team and HC Pareja have been hit in the pocket for an unknown amount. Players should have been sent off, more on that in a bit. At 60' Junior Urso was fined and Daryl Dike at 71' for these incidents, Dike earned a red card in my book.

OCSC player Mauricio Pereyra now will sit out the first 2 games of the 2021 season for his cleating the back of an opponents leg, he was red carded for this, serious foul play, I am more comfortable with it being striking as it was. and some of the mass hysteria began. 

From a game we were at, TFC player Jonathan Osorio has been suspended for the first game of next year and fined an amount we will never know for violent conduct in the  game with Nashville at the 32'.

Nani who was told early and often by the ref that "I'm done with you", should have been done with him for repeated contact during a disputed yet fully accurate call. Ditto for Dike, the rookie bumped the ref, yet remained in, clearly the safer decision for the ref and his well being, but I feel very off.

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