MLS Disciplinary Committee Decision

By Sean McCaffery, November 27, 2020

This was expected, Gallese of OCSC was fined an undisclosed amount, yes the refs did muck this up, but even before that happened, Gallese was red carded and did not leave, in fact he came back on the field. He as many now know had a yellow during the run of the game, received another for moving off his line on a PK facing NYCFC. He did not leave the field, he ran onto it after the field player made the save, and was on camera on at least 2 occasions. Yes, he should be fined, a bigger question on this is what of VAR, if the on field officials miss this, they see it, they should have made them aware I would think, no it is not a VAR thing, but a pretty big violation they may have observed and been aware of as was I.

Absent from the Disciplinary Committee was anything on the pair of instances where a player put the bottom of his cleats to the groin region of an opponent, one did get a red card, the player for TFC who did this to ex-NYRB player Alex Muyl escaped punishment. This is a game I was at with a writer and it was a bad foul, no card even issued.