MLS Commish. on Coronavirus

By Sean McCaffery, March 15, 2020

The head of the only Div. 1 Soccer Leauge in the land, Don Garber made yet another statement on this virus running rampant through the land.

He made it known that the league, as the rest of us are keping an eye on the effect of the illness world wide. Earlier in the week the league made the necessary decision to halt play for 30 days. All involved were in agreeement of their goal, ensuring the well-being of all.

They are in alingment with the CDC, Public Health Agency of Canada and local public health authorities on the next moves relative their 2020 season.

The league is now reviewing choices for rescheduling these games in the future, al seats secured will be honored for the new date. The MLS and teams will be in touch, gather more details on the league or team websites. We will of course have many details.

During this vastly changing time, they are taking all needed steps and urge fans to do similar. "This moment in our history transcends sport. Now all must join eachother and care for all.

He closed with acknowledging the support now especially, thanking the fans and wishing them and theirs the best.