MLS Classics

By Sean McCaffery, March 21, 2020

To keep the fire burning with their fans and I am sure to stave off their cabin fever, MLS has been playing what they have determined to be their Classics. Every Wed. on Twitter, a poll decides what games to air duing the weekend. The WInner gets the Friday night slot, #2 Saturday, while the 3rd will show on Sunday. Broadcast times at 8p.m. ET on their YouTube, Facebook, & App.

The coming schedule:
Mar. 21, NY v LA, the NY debut of Becks from 8/18/07

Mar. 22, Revs V Dynamo, MLS Cup 2006 on Nov. 12, 2006

Mar. 23. 'Quakes v LA played on Nov. 9, 2003

Mar. 24, TFC v Impact EC final 2nd leg live on Nov. 30, 2016

Mar. 25, 'Quakes v Fire Nov. 23, 2003 MLS Cup 2003

Mar. 26, LA v Dyanamo Nov. 20, 2011 MLS Cup 2011

Mar. 30, Timbers v Sounders, a historic USA Soccer matchup, happened Apr. 5, 2014, Cascadia Cup Mayhem

Mar. 31, LA v LAFC the first El Trafico from Mar. 31, 2018

The games fo next weekend have of course yet to be determined.